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SuperCruisr Is a WebXR platform that can be accessed from any device with a browser and interent connection

The idea behind the project was to creaate a platform that enables users to easily create and browse WebXR content

Urku Portfolio

SuperCruisr AR Studio

This is a tool i built to make Augmented reality on the web easy for non-coders.

It includes a a marker based and location based AR option. all the user has to do is upload their content and they can download their code file to add to their site.

SuperCruisr Social

A series of Networked expereinces to allow the user to invite friends to a XR enviroment and chat over audio or video channels


SuperCruisr Browser

This is simply a curated collection of the best webXR sites on the web.

The idea behind the browser is that I want SuperCruisr to be the gateway to XR for users. giving them an informative and safe enviroment to learn about WebXR