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Christopher Watt-pringle

About Me

I’m a freelance XR developer with a background in strategy and experiential software solutions

I have just over 3 years experience running a digital agency with a focus on supporting experiential campaigns with software solutions

Urku Portfolio

I got out of the digital marketing space in early 2019 to focus on learning to code immersive web based technology and freelance as a developer. In the last 12 months I have built AR and VR expereinces for brands such as openserve, lego and hyundai.

A key focus over the last 6 months has been building WebAR/VR production tools to assist students and creatives who are non coders in the production of their own apps. I currently have 3 studio platforms live for experimental use.


At any given time people are exposed to hundreds of brand messages, icons, calls-to-action and prompts to buy. This is across many different touchpoints, whether you are driving in your car seeing billboards, listening to the radio, watching TV or browsing online.

Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio


With digital advancements, you can’t even change your Facebook relationship status without brands retargeting you. All these sensitivities have been highlighted by things like “Location Based Services” and smart algorithms that predict your behavior based on your previous activity on and offline (cookies).


Attention is a commodity, and trading for it means understanding that consumers or an audience expects reward or recognition in exchange for their attention or data. I laser focus on the exchange and make sure your brand  experiences are worthy of attention so that the desired objectives are obtained by motivating consumers in a way they feel is fair and most importantly, transparent.  .


I build WebXR Expereinces such as

  • Networked VR and AR Experiences that connect people.
  • I build Retail XR Expereinces. ecommerce with VR and AR intergrations. The Future of online shopping.
  • I build tools and systems for XR production. These include tools for assisting non-coders with the production of AR/VR content and sites
Urku Portfolio
Urku Portfolio

WebXR is an API that allows developers to create XR experiences; WebXR is a catch-all term that spans AR,VR and newly-developed Immersive Technologies.

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mixed Reality

Frameworks and Languages

  • HTML,
  • Java
  • NodeJS
  • React 3D
  • A-frame
  • ThreeJS
  • Openframeworks,

ARKit, Vuforia, Core ML, OpenGL, OpenCV, ARCore, Mapbox