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A marker-based AR experience uses an image to anchor the AR content. Follow the steps below to get started now.

Once you have created it, you will obtain a marker image that you have to give to the users, either on print paper (better) or shown on screen.

1. Use a premade marker or upload your own

Here is a sample marker for you. Feel free to use it as the marker for your project. Alternatively, click “Upload image” to use a custom one. Not sure what makes a good marker? Check out this guide.

2. Choose the content

Select supported content with the type listed below:

  • 3D Object (.gltf, .glb .zip; max size 50MB)
  • Image (.jpg, .png, .gif; max size 15MB)
  • Audio (.mp3; max size 10MB)
  • Video (.mp4; max size 25MB)